by Jason Moore

The leader of the Balearic government, Jose Ramon Bauza, is furious with the central administration in Madrid because government funding has been slashed by 50 percent. Well let me enlighten our local leader. The Spanish government is effectively bankrupt and is under great pressure to accept a bailout from the European Union because there is simply no money left. Obviously funding for the Spanish provinces has been reduced so why is Bauza so angry? Surely he must have realised that the Balearics would not get a bumper handout from Madrid? It would have been quite amazing if the Balearics had not reduced all the funding which it had asked for. Bauza belongs to the same party as Mariano Rajoy, the centre-right Partido Popular. So his “angry mood” is even more outrageous. One of the reasons why the economy of Spain is in such a terrible situation is because of the over-spending of the regional administrations. Bauza even said over the weekend that the Balearics could have to ask for a state-aid bailout! Amazing. Madrid hasn't got any money but the Balearics still want their money! I think it is time that some people awoke to the dire state of the economy both here and in Madrid. At the moment there is a possibility that the euro could collapse because of Spain´s pressing financial problems. And here we have our President asking for more money. It doesn´t really make sense does it? Read the headlines in the international press Mr. Bauza.