by Jason Moore

Has Labour leader Ed Miliband finally come of age? Yesterday he made a very polished speech to the Labour party conference which was short on policy but had plenty of punch and the fact that he spoke for an hour without notes clearly shows he means business. But is it enough to convince voters that he is a Prime Minister in waiting? No, it was a good speech but Miliband is still a rather unknown quantity eventhough his party is ahead in the opinion polls. But he faces many hurdles and the unions are already banging their drums for the Labour Party to oppose the freeze on public sector pay. Miliband sought to distance himself from the unions eventhough he can thank them for putting him into power in the first place. He also spoke of a “one nation Britain” and made references to the SNP´s goal of an independent Scotland. His one mistake was to mention yet again his immigrant roots. He obviously feels that his speeches do not connect with the public because he repeated his family background yet again. Was he trying to prove that he comes from a poor immigrant family compared to the more lavish upbringing of the Prime Minister? If so in my opinion he made a mistake. I do not care whatever the background of the Prime Minister is as long as he or she can get Britain back to economic growth again. Miliband has a long way to go but he has made a good start. Yesterday, he even sounded like his big brother!