by Jason Moore

These are disturbing times in Majorca. Just last month the car of the Mayor of Soller was firebombed with police later arresting two youths who lived locally. This week police arrest a 21-year-old who was allegedly planning a bomb attack on the Balearic university home to 13'000 pupils and teachers. Two completely unrelated cases but both have shocked the people of Majorca. Shocked is certainly the word because this island is not accustomed to incidents of this type. They may happen in big cities in Northern Europe or the USA but not in Majorca, the island with a reputation for peace and tranquility. When I first read about the story on the news wires yesterday I was astounded. How could anyone in Majorca even consider such an attack on the local university using pipe bombs? Infact I had to read the story twice just to check that I wasn´t reading a news report about some other area around the world. Thankfully the police were able to resolve the case quickly and effectively before it was too late. As I said in this space yesterday what is even more shocking is that he was able to buy bomb making equipment on the internet and have it shipped to his Palma home. Luckily he was under police survelliance, thanks to a very unusual source. A Venezuelan journalist living in Japan tipped off police about the 21-year-old after he read his blog in which he announced to the world his admiration for the Columbine school attackers. Dangerous and shocking times.