As a new resident of Majorca and a former resident of Rhodesia, I would like to take issue with statements made in the Thursday edition.
If, as it is claimed, torture of Kenyan Africans by the British took place and was covered up, it is right for the sufferers or their families to claim recompense.

BUT, why is nothing being said about the murder, rape etc done by the Mau Mau terrorists to white farmers and their families?
The same has happened in Zimbabwe after Robert Mugabe took over with white farmers and their families murdered, brutalised (along with their farm workers), ordinary workers in the capital and other cities/towns raped, murdered, robbed etc by so called “freedom fighters” - some too young to have been more than babies during the armed struggle - with no support from the police or legal authorities.

So, if its right to sue the British government for what happened in Kenya, lets start sueing the Zimbabwe and South African governments for what their Africans have done to the whites! But then, that's not politically correct and the words “racism” would be screamed by all the black Africans and the bleeding-heart liberals in the media and legal professions.

Come on Donald, get some balance in your column.
Brian Gatcombe
Sant Elm