by Ray Fleming

Both Vice-President Joseph Biden and Congressmen Paul Ryan did the job in their TV debate on Thursday night. Biden had to recover the ground listlessly lost by President Obama in his debate with Mitt Romney while Ryan had to maintain the advantage gained by Romney. Ryan's task was the easier and overall he did it competently. Biden had to fight for every point and pick up all the debating opportunities ignored by Obama. He did this very well, harassing Ryan on every questionable statement he made and putting his own policies across with clarity and conviction.

In 90 minutes there were too many issues discussed and points scored to cover here. Paul Ryan told a story about the charitable help Mitt Romney had given to a family involved in a car crash -- had he not remembered that Biden lost his wife and daughter in a car accident? In the discussion between these two Catholics about abortion Ryan could not hide the restrictive nature of Republican policy; Biden said that he accepted Catholic teaching but did not want to impose it on other Christians, Muslims and Jews, On the notorious Romney 47 percent issue, Ryan said: “I'm sure the Vice-President knows very well that sometimes the words don't come out of your mouth the right way.” To which BIden responded, sharply: “I always say what I mean. And so does Romney.”