by Humphrey Carter

Over the past few months I have become increasingly saddened by the “down in the dumps” attitude shown by shop, bar and restaurant staff in Palma.
I know times are tough, wages have been cut, taxes increased and job security uncertain but surely that should spur people in jobs to make an extra effort, enjoy the fact that they have a job and intend to maintain it.

The recession will not last for ever and, as some business people are showing in Palma, it can be the best time to open a new business but one has to do so with determination and willingness to embrace the general public.

Lurking behind counters looking surly and showing next to no interest in helping the customer is not going to get anyone anywhere. It is not going to encourage the customer to spend, or return and that will simply harm the business and perhaps lead to its eventual closure which will give glum staff real reason to be unhappy. Come on, give us a welcoming smile while you can!