by Humphrey Carter

One way to help getting out of a recession is to encourage and pull in more private sector investment and we are seeing some very ambitious projects being embarked upon here in Majorca from the upgrade of hotels in Magalluf to the construction of luxury resorts and hotels, but I have issues with the idea of a religious theme park opening near Inca.

Firstly, the whole idea of a theme park, which would be aimed primarily at holiday makers be they domestic or international, is to make sure people have fun.

At a time when religious fanaticism is the root of most of the conflicts currently raging in the world, I just can not see where the holiday fun is in religion.

After all, religion is supposed to provide spiritual guidance which does not always mean having a good time. One thing is opening a religious ‘experience' or ‘centre' but when most people in this world automatically conjure up wild images of roller coasters and extreme thrill rides when they hear the words theme park mentioned, I just can not see how the words religion and theme park will sit together happily.

Further more, when plans to build a real theme park on the island which would boost the island's attraction as a tourist destination have been knocking around for over a decade, why do the local authorities want to go down the road of copying a model of which there is only one in the world in South America. Just because it will be privately funded, does not mean it is going to work.