by Humphrey Carter

Some reasons to be cheerful, especially if you work in the island's film and audio visual industry. Another major international film is using the island as a location with stars of the calibre of Pierce Brosnan, Sam Neill, Aaron Paul and Toni Collette, starring in the adaptation of Nick Hornby's book, A Long Way Down.

Needless to say, local production company Palma Pictures is playing an important role in the 15 million euro production, just like the Majorcan Film Commission helped facilitate the shooting of scenes for the 150 million dollar production Cloud Atlas on the island last year.

And , the Commission, which has been key in attracting Harvey Keitel's next project to the Majorca, is also involved in talks with Shepperton Studios which is considering setting up on the island as part of its global expansion plans.

Majorca, after nearly two decades of a great deal of effort and risk taking from the private sector and a little bit of help from the former Council of Majorca, the island appears to have finally established itself as a film making location.

Not only is Majorca a natural film set with spectacular locations and back drops, it also has a highly professional audio visual sector which is finally reaping the rewards of years of hard work.

Well done!