by Humphrey Carter

The Balearic Ministry for Tourism rode its luck this year by doing nothing in the way of co-promotions or joint campaigns with any of the major tour operators in the UK and ended up by seeing the region enjoy a better than expected season.

And, now, we are seeing the latest package holiday maker figures showing a marked increase in sales on this year for Summer 2013.
Even the tour operators are surprised considering the lack of attention the Balearic Ministry for Tourism has paid to the UK market this year, the Tourism Minister Carlos Delgado could not even be bothered to make an appearance at last year's Abta convention in Palma, and the fact that the VAT increase has pushed prices up by around five percent.

Furthermore, it appears that the Spanish Tourist Board Turespaña does not have a promotional “road map” drawn up for the UK market.
At a recent briefing in London, the Spanish Tourist Board boss Manuel Butler just bamboozled tour operator bosses with facts and figures. “Nothing jumped out of the meeting at all” the Bulletin was told by one of the people at the meeting. “And, Spain's going to have a very low profile at the forthcoming World Travel Market as well,” the source added.
So, it looks like the Balearic Ministry for Tourism is going to try and wing it for another year.
Keep your fingers crossed.