by Humphrey Carter

The British holiday market has again been the dominant force in Spain and the Balearics this year with the Germans flip flopping, although maintaining their number two spot.

Yesterday, we saw how the British appear to be making an early run on Balearic holidays for next summer but are they repeat visitors?
As we reported, even Hugh Morgan, MD at the Monarch group admitted he was surprised because of the increase in prices as a result of the September VAT hike and TUI bosses have warned the local government that the region could be made to pay for the rise in VAT which has put prices up by an average of five percent.

Yesterday, news received by me of a long line of regular visitors to the island who intend to look for a cheaper destination next year after having found the hotels and the cost of living far more expensive than expected this Summer.

As the monthly hotel price index has been showing us all year, Balearic hotels have continued to be some of the most expensive in the country, so much so, the domestic market really took a knock with Spanish and Balearic travel agents and tour operators reporting a 7 percent plus drop in revenue this year with more and more Spanish nationals opting for a staycation which for the Balearics is not good because the mainland has so much to offer Spaniards without them having to catch a ferry or plane.

Price rules!