by Humphrey Carter

Now that the Balearics has gone for a 355 million euro bail out from central government's Regional Liquidity Fund, the regional authority has more or less handed powers directly back to Madrid.

Now, this is not a bad thing because what it means is that Balearic President Jose Ramon Bauza will be able to save even more tax payers' money by scrapping the Council of Majorca and slimming down the Balearic government even further because with Madrid now calling the shots and paying the bills, the costly three tiers of autonomous rule is no longer needed.

After all, Spain is in such a mess because of the huge debts run up by the regional governments, many of which have been shown to have been corrupt, over the years, so if Madrid is now having to bank roll them, perhaps they should realise that they are not capable of looking after their own affairs properly and therefore, a slim line local government and the local council should be enough.