by Humphrey Carter

My concerns over what the implications of the Balearic bail out will be grew over the weekend after reading more in-depth reports of what Madrid wants in return.

Indeed, as I forecast in this leader column on Sunday, the Balearic government is going to be slimmed down even further with funding being cut to a number of key ministries. Primarily the president's office and, in a move which is totally bonkers, tourism.

The tourism department, since Delgado took over as Minister has complained of having no money, hence why it has not done anything to promote tourism. So, either he is sitting on wads of euros, hence why there have been cuts to funding, or there is a lack of transparency which Madrid has been unable to see through.

What is more, the Balearic health service, already struggling to continue doing a sterling job, is also going to see government investment reduced even further in order to appease Madrid and for the regional President, Jose Ramon Bauza, to get his hands on the bail out loot.

It is all very well saying that the government's rate of interest is lower than those offered by the banks, but the banks are in no position to tell Bauza how to run the Balearics.

So, in answer to the question I posed on Sunday about the Balearics losing even more power, I think the answer is yes. What we have now is a puppet regional government. A waste of money.