I am a democrat (in the US I am even a registered one with a cap ‘D') and definitely agree with Hugh Ash in Sunday's paper that the EU is run by a bunch of unelected dictators with super egos to match. But is the MDB going overboard with its take on ‘democracy'? I mean two op-eds from Ash and Ray Fleming on the same day or do you guys like a game of columnists' ping-pong? Ash is right about a heck of a lot of thing, including Norway. I know, I worked there for six months. It seems okay at first, until you realise it is a bit ‘creepy' and ‘statist' as he says.

So far as them giving the EU the Nobel Peace Prize, that is a hoot. They gave it to President Obama in 2009 when he only been in office for 9 months. Even he had to laugh and admit he had done zilch to deserve it. Not that he has done much since, but I will still vote for him on Nov 6. Romney is too much of a gamble.

Candice Kurtz, Port Andratx