by Humphrey Carter

The British airlines which have committed to increasing their flights between the UK and Majorca this winter are going to just love yesterday's revelations from the Majorcan Hotel Federation that a near record number of hotels are going to be closed from the end of this month and half will remain shut until April - after Easter which falls at the end of March.

All year, British tour operators have been complaining of a complete lack of cooperation from the Balearic Ministry for Tourism - no communication whatsoever and yesterday, the President of the Majorcan Hotel Federation, Inma de Benito, hinted that her members have been treated in a similar way.

She complained of a lack of support or incentives for businesses to stay open during the winter and that should come from the Ministry for Tourism - otherwise one has to wonder what the Ministry is supposed to do.

It did nothing to promote the region this Summer and just look at what the Winter holds in store - nothing.
In Palma, a huge effort has been made by the council to breathe some extra life into the city with the centre being allowed to open all year and it has proved a success but island-wide, it feels like the Majorca is being allowed to die by the local government.

Now we have most of the island's five star hotels closing over the winter, the Ministry for Tourism has a serious problem to resolve.