by Humphrey Carter

Yesterday, the Mayor of Palma, Mateu Isern, led a group of high ranking Palma councillors on a visit to the Playa de Palma to personally thank the Local Police on behalf of hoteliers, shopkeepers, bars owners and restaurateurs for having worked closely together this summer to reduce any problems in the resort to a minimum so that the thousands of tourists enjoyed the best holiday possible and will be tempted to come back next year.

Shame no such touch has been taken by Calvia Council, although after this season, which many bar owners have described as one of the worst ever regards takings and crime, the queue to shake the Mayor's hand may be rather short. As the Bulletin reported a few weeks ago, bar owners have been watching what the Mayor of Palma has done along the Playa de Palma this year to crack down on illegal street traders, prostitutes and the like and it has worked.

But, instead of alienating the bar owners and having the police watch their every move, Isern brought them on board, along with the shop keepers in order to help the security forces enforce the law and their job even better and it proved a success. “Why can't they do the same in Calvia?” one Magalluf bar owner asked the Bulletin. Why indeed.
It is all very well continuing to say that the prostitution problem is a complicated one, but sooner or later is has got to be dealt with in Magalluf or there will just be fewer tourists for them to mug as the years roll on.