by Jason Moore

It is with sadness that I write these words today. Majorca is not only losing a great British Consul it is losing a dear friend as well.
Paul Abrey has probably been one of the most successful ever British Consuls.
His list of successes is long and wide.
It was Paul who decided that the Consulate needed to move to better equipped premises near the Plaza España transport hub.
It was Paul who spearheaded the introduction of credit cards.
It was Paul who introduced new customer care at the Consulate; you went from being a number to a customer overnight.
It was Paul who built a close working relationship with the local authorities both here and across the Balearics.
It was Paul who raised the profile of the British government in the islands organising a whole series of events including the hugely popular Queen's Birthday Party.

It was Paul who launched a campaign to try and halt the terrible tide of balcony deaths in our tourist resorts.
I could go on and on. His report card when he leaves the British Consulate in the Plaza España for horizons new in Canada will read an excellent job done. A great shame he is leaving.

I have met many Consuls over the years some good some bad. Some didn't leave the office, others left the office too much! Paul found the right balance.
Ask any expatriate to name the British Consul and they all know Paul Abrey. I suppose this day had to come sooner or later.
Seven years is a long time in a hugely responsible job especially when you have a young family. The Majorca Daily Bulletin is a community newspaper and I think I speak for all our readers when I say that Paul will be sadly missed and I think we would all love for him to stay. But I fear that the decision has already been made.

I would put him in a class of two when it comes to Consuls.
There is Captain Alan Hillgarth, British Consul during the Spanish Civil war who saved thousands of lives and there is Paul Abrey, who revolutionised the Consular Service in the Balearics.

Paul, best of luck and you know that you have thousands of friends on Majorca.