by Humphrey Carter

Balearic President Jose Ramon Bauza and his PP posse have been shown to be a bunch of wimps all too willing to tow the party line and roll over for a tickle when Madrid barks.

Yesterday, opposition representatives for the Balearics in congress brought to the general public attention that not one of the Partido Popular's five congressmen and women made any attempt to challenge the budget as it was being approved in Madrid
Never mind the fact that Central Government still owes the Balearics hundreds of thousands of euros, the region has been really hard done by in the 2013 budget but nobody has said a word.

Central Government has set aside a national average of 225 euros per capita in investments for the coming year.
However, here in the Balearics, we have been deemed worth just a mere 70 euros per capita and at least half of that will go on clearing the region's public deficit.

But, nobody who has been dispatched to Madrid to fight the Balearics' corner has raised a finger in our defense.
Neither of the two main political parties are enjoying high ratings in the polls right now and quite rightly because the former Socialist coalition government and the current centre right administration have let the country and the general public down and are continuing to do so.