Dear Editor, WITH yet another revelation about a British Liberal Party potential candidate for the leadership of that party, it is little wonder that the general (voting) public is losing interest in politics and all things political. Scandals are cropping up in increasing numbers, not just in the U.K. The U.S.A. seems to have one every week, at least, and other parts of Europe seem no better. Yet these same people stand up and criticize other nations in the world, their lies, corruption, sleeze, etcetera, whilst indulging themselves to the full. Maybe it is time to find a new/radical way to try and put in place politicians who have some degree of honesty and integrity. An idea might be to have anyone aspiring to be an M.P. etcetera, at constituancy level, to take a lie detector test. Let the electorate know the truth about the man (or woman) being offered to them for election. The question should cover a wide range of issues, e.g. what is your sexual orientation, past and present, did you/do you take drugs, have you ever used a public position to financial benefit for yourself or others, are you a wife beater, child abuser, paedofile, alcoholic, etcetera? A person choosing to work in public office has no right to privacy, his/her life, tastes, standards, need to be an “open book”. Anyone who does not choose to be so questioned BEFORE they take office, would be better off making another career choice. Maybe then some respect will return to those who run the country, and it is certainly long overdue.

Graham Phillips, Palma de Majorca