By Jason Moore I don´t often criticise events in Palma or anywhere else on the island but I thought that the Correfoc or Night of Fire on Saturday night was pretty awful and very dangerous.

Why the council have decided to scrap the firework display and introduce “the night of fire” escapes me. The general concensus of opinion was that the event was poor and totally unsuitable for children. It was also bordering on dangerous. I watched in horror as children played close to where the fireworks were landing. The council estimates that 70'000 people saw the event on Saturday night compared to the 150'000 who generally watch the firework display. The figures speak for themselves!

But overall I must congratulate the council on the success of San Sebastian. I know many people who enjoyed all the concerts last week and which continued into the weekend.

However, I do believe that the local authorities could do more to promote San Sebastian for tourists. Open air concerts for free in the centre of a beautiful city like Palma is bound to attract some holidaymakers. Balearic President Francesc Antich was saying last week that we must all work together to save the tourist industry, well this is a classic example. Everything we´ve got needs to be promoted.