By Jason Moore

HOW many advertisements do you see on British television for holidays in the Balearics? So far this year I have seen one in between blanket advertising for California and many competing holiday resorts on the mainland and in eastern Europe. Obviously television advertising works because these other destinations would not bother and spend their cash on other things. Many people have said it, from hoteliers to travel agents, there is simply not enough money earmarked for tourism promotion in the Balearics and the little which is available is spent on the wrong things.

Competing holiday destinations such as Andalucia spend four times as much as the Balearics on promotion. The Balearics needs air time on British television, it doesn´t come cheap but it is more beneficial that having tennis ace, Rafa Nadal, appear at international trade fairs promoting the islands. Rafa Nadal appearing at the Balearic stand at an international trade fair gets publicity in the Balearics but nowhere else.

An advertisement promoting the Balearics on prime time television will get noticed by millions and could even persuade some to come to the islands on holiday. It is as simple as that. If the Balearics wants to be a key player in the tourist industry then it must spend on promotion.