Water Quality
WE live in Cala Figurera and for the fifth year we have just been informed that agua no potable. There appears to be little happening and we have just been informed that this wont change in the forseable future. What can we do about this... there are EU regulations concerning drinking water.

Dawn John


I WAS interested to read Jason Moore's Viewpoint article on the holiday period over Xmas and New Year. As my wife works for a small local council in the UK I though the comparison might prove interesting. She finished at 3.30pm on the 24th December and returned to work on the 4th of January. However in that week all staff were required to work one day as a way of keeping the council open for any emergency services. So, she worked all day on Friday the 31st January.

It must be nice to have such a long break.
Stuart Allsop , UK


YOUR editorial in the Daily Bulletin Wed 26 Jan 11 stated that Jose Bauza, the would be leader of the Balearics (if elected), intends to “slash” the number of civil servants and spend heavily on education. I totally agree with your lack of confidence in his intentions, particularly as this party also intends to scrap the Tram Project and demolish the Gesa building! The fact that his party announces one positive proposal to save money, yet intends to extend the little used Metro system, which I understand does not have allotted funds, infers from the onset, a certain financial inconsistency. Furthermore, there is no mention concerning how he intends to fund this “heavy” expenditure on education. This sort of headline grabbing routine you report in your editorial, raises its ugly head just before each election and unfortunately, the voting population seem to believe in the fairy tales proffered by the politicians. Whilst I fully appreciate the need to protect a culture, it should not be at the expense of progress and any possible limitation of its' students wishing to spread their wings throughout the world. Once again we are subjected to the inconsistent policies introduced by politicians in power in legislating that children learn a plethora of languages, which may not assist them in later life.

More importantly, whatever the agreed languages are, they should at the very least, be standard across the schools within the Balearics and not vary with areas! I would like to see the leaders of the parties announce their manifestos and explain how their policies are supported by credible budgets and then have an open debate on the Balearic Television Network. This would achieve at least 2 things. Firstly, it would utilise the TV facility that costs a lot of money to support, but secondly and more importantly, it would reach each household of the voting population, who could then judge the parties on their merits. Perhaps then and only then, a party would be elected with clearly defined, affordable, policies and projects, which would have the support of the population. Notwithstanding the latter support, the political party would be accountable to the electorate for their term in power. Consequently, the elected party would be more easily judged by the electorate, on how they implemented their clearly defined manifestos.

Gerry Mulligan