Dear Rafa (Nadal), I HAVE been an admirer of you since good many years. Seeing you first in a fringe tournament at the Club de Campo, Ibiza beating my coach and friend Jose at the age of 14! I knew you will be going a long way and now seeing you at the door of the Australian final gives me great pleasure. I always viewed you not only as an excellent tennis player but as a focused, humble and well behaved young man - a pride to all young people who look up to you and of course to all Spaniards.

Today, when I read the Majorca Daily Bulletin I was dismayed to read that you have ‘agreed' to promote tourism in Majorca for a ‘'small fee'' of six million euros, tax payers' money. I am disappointed by your consent to it and your guardian's poor advice on such an issue. You are well aware of the world we are now living in. The economic crisis is here with us and Majorca will not be spared. Among its victims would be many working class people who have helped to make Palma a successful destination for many people from around the world. Some of those workers and small business operators are those who supported you all the way, some are the parents of your friends with whom you grew up with, went to school with and many more who may lose their livelihood and savings in the coming year.

I would have expected you to shoulder in and volunteer to help promote Majorca in the way you have been recruited for - but free of any charge or fees. I know that six million is a lot of money but paying back your community for the loyalty they showed and continue to show to you is what they deserve most at this point in time. The goodwill you will be earning as a result of such a move will by far outweigh the immediate financial benefits. Such an act would be more befitting the Rafa I believe in.

Good luck in Melbourne!

Sincerely, Arye Berest.