Dear Sir,

I do not know about others, but personally in the aftermath of the latest child abuse case, where the two boys tortured (plus nearly killed) by two others that one does not hear of any punishment given to the parents of the offenders, nor even that the other children in that family are being taken into care, which may well mean more “mini monsters” are to be feared in the future.

Also, the deplorable attention/action taken by the social affairs department of Donaster council; does one hear of officials being sacked, a major shake-up in that council, not at all. With 26'000 reported cases of child abuse in the UK (the real number including unreported cases is much larger) is a stain on the country's name. Making people pay for their incompetence's, gross errors seem to be a non starter from the top down, as members of parliament who have “flipped” houses on “expenses” and avoided paying capital gains tax, claiming non-existant mortgages go scott free, when any other citizen would be in court on fraud charges.

Now, as the hearing into Iraq, and how the country went to war, it is being revealed how this was an illegal war, that has cost so many lives, and yet, when it is all over (the hearing) will we see any resignations? public apologies? not likely. I sincerely hope someone out there pushes for a charge of war crimes to be brought before the principals of this issue at the Hague, even if not convicted, it would shake their complacency, and make others in the future hesitate before creating such mayhem.

Yours sincerely, Graham Phillips