by Jason Moore

I S Scotland´s vote on independence of lesser importance than Britain leaving the European Union? I ask this question because Scotland is due to have its say on a breakaway from the rest of the United Kingdom next year while the referendum on EU membership does not take place until 2017. Already senior politicians are planning their European campaigns and very little is being said about Scotland. All the mainstream British parties are opposed to Scotland´s breakaway but they have remained strangely quiet on the whole issue while on Europe everyone appears to have an opinion. I would advise Cameron, Clegg and Miliband to start working on a strategy because otherwise they risk Scotland voting yes to a breakaway. It is not a forgone conclusion that Scotland is going to reject the breakaway. I would advise Britain´s senior politicians to get their act together fast and put on a united front north of the border. There will be plenty of time to discuss Europe but the clock is ticking in Scotland. ******* O NE David commanded prime spot on all the news bulletins yesterday while the other was relegated to second spot. David Cameron´s hero´s welcome in Libya made the news but David Beckham joining Paris Saint Germain was the main story of the day. His press conference was live on Sky TV. It´s tough at the top.