Dear Sir, I wonder if you are interested in the environment, that we in our apartment block have had to put up with for over 10 years here in Puerto Pollensa.
Our apartment block is situated on the corner of two roads with the same vacant land to all sides.
This vacant land has the remains of a builder's tower crane plus any amount of left over building rubbish. This in turn has attracted general household rubbish tipping such as washing machines, beds, satellite dishes etc. Part of the crane steelwork sticks out into what would be the pavement and dangerous in that a person could fall over it.
The whole area is an environmental disaster with rats roaming and children playing on the rusting steelwork, it is an accident waiting to happen. On the 30th June 2003 the apartment community wrote to Pollensa Council highlighting the situation and asking for the site to be cleaned up. Their reply was “as it is on private land, we can do nothing”.
Our contact with the owner of the land was “it's our land, we can do what we want on it”.
It would appear that we are in a no-win situation.
Is there no way to force somebody to clean up the site?
I have attached a photograph of the site.
Geoff Spink