by Jason Moore

THROUGHOUT this week I have received a number of telephone calls from worried expatriates about the situation in Spain. I can see their point; this week we have seen the King´s son-in-law accused of mis-appropriating government funds and a multi-million euro bail demand and the Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy has been accused of receiving money from an illegal “slush” fund. This story has made headline news across the world. Should we be concerned? Well obviously but I sincerely doubt that it is going to affect the country on a large scale. Will it hit Spain´s future prosperity? No, not really. Spain is a modern European country and it is very capable of resolving its own problems. The country is going through a bad time at the moment. The recession and the alleged cases of political corruption are doing Spain few favours. But I have faith in the judiciary and I believe all the cases will receive the treatment they deserve. But perhaps the Spanish government could learn to be slightly more efficient when dealing with the foreign press. It is important, for the sake of Spain, that they put their side of the story across, quickly and efficiently. The eyes of the world are on Spain at the moment and it is never far from the headlines. Spain needs to send out a reassuring message to the world and in some ways try and counterbalance the negative media attention the country is having the moment.