compiled by MONITOR
KENYA'S political and civil turmoil continued, following allegations of rigged elections, while former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan tried to bring together the political leaders most involved.

In Israel, Prime Minister Olmert survived a critical report on the handling of the 2006 Lebanon war; the military took most of the blame.
President Bush's annual State of the Union address to Congress was low-key, reflecting his waning power in his last year in office.
In Britain Peter Hain resigned from the Cabinet over irregularities in campaign funding and a Conservative MP was suspended from the Commons for paying members of his family official expenses for work they did not do.

Bulletin Headlines of the Week
SUNDAY/MONDAY: Property Millions (An official survey put the value of foreign-owned property in the Balearics at 300 million euros). TUESDAY: Hero Hamilton (British Formula One driver had been testing his new car on Minorca).
WEDNESDAY: Could Murders Be Linked? (Detectives investigating the 1996 murder of Yvonne O'Brien at Alcudia believed there might be a link to a murder in Italy).

THURSDAY: Majorca Summit Meeting (German Chancellor Angela Merkel was meeting Spain's Prime Minister Zapatero in Palma).
FRIDAY: Home From Home (Many members of the German community in Majorca greeted Chancellor Merkel during her brief stay in Palma).
SATURDAY: Spain Fears Terror (A poll showed almost 40 per cent recognising terrorism as Spain's biggest problem).