By Jason Moore

PREMIER league footballers earn far more than bankers. The amount of money that some players receive for kicking a ball around is obscene. There are many players in the Premier League who earn in excess of 100'000 pounds a week, this does not include bonuses or sponsorship deals. Unfortunately, nothing is said. But if an alleged “Fat Cat” is paid more than two pounds fifty there is an outcry. If you are in charge of a major bank employing thousands of people you obviously earn your wage.

In some cases you should be inline for a bonus because this is how the banking industry works. Does the Chief Executive of the Royal Bank of Scotland deserves his bonus? Well, it is part of his contract and compared to other major bonuses which are being paid in the City of London, it is small change. I feel that rather than condemning “Captains of Industry” for their wages and bonuses we should turn our attention to footballers who are certainly overpaid for doing little.