Andrew Ede's intemperate attack on the Spanish Government (Saturday Feb. 2nd) for its response to the recession afflicting the country, deserves a reply, especially for his sarcastic rubbishing of the economic minister.

Is Mr. Ede unaware that such austerity measures are being imposed by many Governments throughout the Eurozone, even more strictly in Greece, Portugal and Ireland? Is he also ignorant that similar measures on Great Britain to reduce their burden of debt over the past two or three years, has seen an increase of more than half a million new jobs created? I am no economist (neither is Mr. Ede!), but it seems to me that the over-riding aim must be the elimination of debt that was incurred by previous administrations, which if not tackled decisively now, will bequeath to our children and grandchildren, a terrible legacy. Has Mr. Ede considered this possibility? Yours Sincerely, Phil Green
El Toro