by Jason Moore

A T last someone has come to the rescue of Magalluf. The British charity Street Angels want to help young people in need along the Punta Ballena “strip” in Magalluf this summer. They already work in many British cities and their hardwork has even won praise from the British Prime Minister. The “Street Angels,” who work alongside the emergency services, will provide help to young people in the f orm of water, basic medical assistance and a caring arm and listening ear. They have already contacted the Calvia council who are interested to see what the group has to offer. It was the controversial BBC3 documentary, The Truth of Magalluf, which led the Street Angels to offer their support. So in some ways some good has come from a bad programme for Magalluf. I sincerely hope that the Street Angels are given all the help and assistance from the local authorities that they require so that they will be able to operate in Magalluf this summer. Angels to the rescue in Magalluf.