By Jason Moore I knew that Lewis Hamilton was not popular in Spain; I spent most of last year hearing from Spanish colleagues how the British driver was getting preferential treatment at McLaren and how their very own Fernando Alonso was being “cheated” of yet another Formula 1 world title. However, last weekend a group of so-called Spanish formula 1 fans went too far and racially insulted the British driver. The incident is now being investigated. This is an outragrous state of affairs and clearly underlines, once again, how a small number of so-called fans can ruin everything for everyone. But Spain should also take this whole affair very seriously. It is not the first time that Spanish fans have been involved in racist incidents; England soccer players were also racially insulted during a match in Spain. In the same way as English clubs were punished in the 1980s it is time that the sporting authorities got tough with Spain. These sort of incidents should simply not happen.

I sincerely hope that Barack Obama will emerge victorious today like some polls suggest. The United States, a country I very much admire, needs a change after eight terrible years of President George Bush and four scandal-tainted years of Bill Clinton. For the last 12 years, the United States has lacked clear leadership. It is time for a change. I believe that the only person capable of changing the United States and putting it back on track is Barack Obama. Hillary Clinton is probably an able politician but she is not the right person to lead the United States. Why, simply because it will be Clinton Mark 2. But one thing for sure what a fantastic contest.