Dear Sir,

CORRECT me if I'm wrong, but are we living on the same island, that just two weeks ago, had local newspapers - Spanish and English - full of photographs of local residents taking their animals to be blessed; and this weekend, the same press - Spanish and English (and no doubt German as well!) - report of the impending forced closure, by the City Council, of the only animal refuge on the Island where no healthy animal is ever “put down?” What a load of hypocrites! It's time for more direct action - in a form the Council just might not want, i.e. bad publicity! It's time for those who care - like me - to contact Sky News/BBC - English and German - in fact any foreign newspaper - anyone who could help the cause, and make this totally uncaring Council see sense and change its mind.

M. Irving, Portals Nous

Dear Sir,

THANKS to reporting in the Majorca Daily Bulletin, the public can see how amazing it is that the Centro Canino animal refuge is again under threat of closure - and again it is due to bureaucracy gone stupid. Surely the people in power in Palma Council realise that there is a huge problem - not only in the capital - but all over Majorca, of badly ill-treated and abandoned animals, mainly dogs.

Julie Ford and her helpers are doing a fantastic job, and if the Centro Canino is closed down, the situation will become much worse for the Island. Not only we who live here, but tourists as well, will see the shocking reality for themselves. I, myself, have seen it first hand.

I only pray that the British Film Production company will come and make a documentary about Centro Canino to portray just how things really are. When European tourists view such footage - it is possible they will boycott Majorca - a very sad situation for the Island, and for all of us who live here.

Thank you Majorca Daily Bulletin, for reminding us all once again of what must be done to resolve this situation. It cannot go on.
Katie Wikland, Portals Nous