By Jason Moore BORIS Johnson, the Mayor of London, said last week that the Chairmen of some of the big banks which had been given big bailouts by the UK taxpayer should have to pay for their mistakes. A good idea, I don´t know what Boris has got in mind but at last a senior politician is stating what people have being saying on the street for some time. While the government is quick to point out that this is a worldwide problem will someone tell me why is it that British banks appear to have been hit more severely that their counterparts across the globe? Just what has been going on and how did we get into this mess in the first place? Now, the initial shock has gone there are some important questions which need an answer. The chairmen of the big “nationalised” banks should have to give a public account of why their banks almost went bust. And the Prime Minister and the Chancellor for ten years, Gordon Brown, should have to explain how all this happened on his watch. Brown´s latest idea is to give the Post Office more banking powers; it is a bit late now that he has bailed out the big banks with money which is going to put Britain in debt for many years to come. The banks should not be allowed to escape without an explanation.