By Jason Moore

I don´t think anyone will be surprised to see that the Conservatives are losing ground on Labour in the latest opinion polls. Now, the Tories have two options; they wait and allow Labour to self-destruct or they go out on the campaign trail with new policies.

Conservative leader David Cameron and his team have been waiting for Labour to go into meltdown. This has happened and now they have got to come out with some new policies which grab the attention of the electorate or otherwise they risk defeat at the general election.

This sounds incredible especially when you take into account all the failings of Gordon Brown and his cabinet but it is true. To form the next government the Conservatives have to take more than 120 seats and retain all the ones which they already have. This is no simple task. When Margaret Thatcher swept to power she had clear policies which were far different from the Labour Party. Cameron needs to go back to the drawing board or otherwise he will continue to be leader of the opposition or. If the Conservatives do not win the next election it will put some important question marks over the leadership of David Cameron. He needs to act now or he could go the same way as the last three Tory leaders.