YET again the problem of tourism seems to be hitting the headlines in Majorca. Many people have written to you with reasons why tourism is falling off, most of which are true and need addressing but I think the tourist board need to take a long hard look at how Majorca is presented abroad (I.E. Great Britain).

In the last 2 weeks I have seen 2 different programmes about Majorca on TV, both these programmes centred on Magaluf and again the image presented was youths full of alcohol fighting, or bars with drunken young people indulging in what can only be described as sex acts. This is the impression that people here in the UK get of MAJORCA. This week there is a new series of SUN, SEA, A&E on UK TV, this will probably show several cases of people being badly hurt while under the influence of drink, not a good impression. My family and I have been coming to Majorca for 30 years and have seen a lot of ups & downs, but I think this is about as bad as it gets, everywhere seems to be getting tatty, there is a problem with litter and dog fouling, bars and pubs will do anything and allow anything for money. Wake up Majorca Tourist Board, you're sitting on a gold mine, try getting the place cleaned up in all areas, especially the image presented abroad. We love Majorca, it is a beautiful place and we will always keep coming back to see the beauty and the many friends we have made over the years.

Name withheld.


ON reading Humphrey Carter's interview with the new Tourist Board boss, Pedro Iriondo, how refreshing it was to see, for the first time, somebody in power understanding and realising the problems we are facing on this island.

Snr. Iriondo knows how important a tourist is and at long last, somebody has realised that without tourists, this island has very little. He looks like being the man to eventually pull us out of this dreadful mess we are in. He also realises how important a warm welcome and hospitality towards tourists is. Indeed, a thing of the past and long gone in many quarters. He also acknowledges the high prices some bars are charging.

I hope he addresses all the issues he mentioned. If he does, our Island is in good hands. He reminded us that the Tourist Board conjured up a slogan a few years ago saying: “A Tourist - a Friend”. What a great slogan. Shame the tourists were NOT treated like friends but just as a means of paying for ‘the next villa' or ‘the new Mercedes'. Now, at long last, somebody has realised that without the tourist the donkey will have to replace the Merc!

Ian Morrison
Porto Colom