By Jason Moore

JUST infront of our offices on the Paseo Mallorca, there is a beautiful new cycle track. It occupies at least half of the pavement. Now, I was prepared to share the pavement with Palma´s alleged small army of cyclists.

It is a nightmare having just half a pavement but who cares it is all about the environment and helping keep the city “green.” The only drawback is that no-one uses this beautiful cycle track.

Infact, the markings are as clear as the day it was first opened three years ago. Everytime I cross the track. I follow my Green Cross Code and look right and left, but, I don´t really have to bother, because there is no-one on it! It is a shame that the city council´s plan to get people on their bike has failed. There are thousands of weekend cyclists but few working cyclists. There are now cycle lanes across Palma and the city is bicycle friendly.

But no, the love affair with the car continues and cycling continues to be a pastime rather than actual form of transport. I did think that all the cyle tracks would have led to a cycle revolution. The opposition Partido Popular, who are tipped to take the council at the next local elections, have said that they will remove the cycle tracks, which in some ways is a shame. But unfortunately, if they are unused they are useless.