HOW naive of Liz Daniels (letter in the Bulletin Sunday 30 January) to think the Tourist Board will advertise during the breaks in the forthcoming Sky series Mad Dogs. That will cost too much money.

You might get a 15 second advert in the middle of some obscure programme on DMAX+1 ... if you are lucky, and then it will be to advertise the Illes Baleares - to which most people in Britain will say “Where?” It seems to me that it is a little late in the day to be discussing HOW the advertising budget should be spent - it should have BEEN SPENT by now - people are thinking about Summer holidays from the beginning of January.

Take a look at any live football game from the UK and you will see advertising hoardings throughout the match promoting Cyprus, Turkey, Malta etc, and occasionally Spain, but never Majorca, Minorca or Ibiza.

If the tourist board stopped and thought how many people watch these adverts for the hour and a half (or hour and three quarters if Manchester United are trailing at the end of 90 minutes) then they might just realise it would be money well spent. Hang on, that's me being naive now. Why would the tourist board ever want to attract this type of tourist. You can just hear them saying: “We don't want this sort of tourist, we want quality tourists!”.
Get more Carob trees planted.

Ian Morrison, Porto Colom