By Jason Moore

WHY is it that not more non-Spanish Europeans vote in the local elections? It is a golden opportunity for expatriates to have their voice heard at council level. Granted our voting rights are quite limited; we can only vote for our local Mayor and not in the Balearic elections for the President.

However, it is vital that more people exercise their democratic right. The system is simple you have to be on the council roll and then your name is passed to the electoral. So far, according to official figures, there are only 25'000 European expatriates registered to vote.

There are least four times that number living in the Balearics. Obviously, in areas where there is a strong expatriate community the so-called foreign vote can be vital. I don´t think the local authorities can do anymore to persuade non-Spaniards to vote, at the end of the day it is down to personal choice. Some of the political parties go to a great deal of trouble translating their electoral programme into English.

There is a lot wrong with Majorca at the moment and now is your chance to have your say. The unofficial election campaign has already kicked-off and if you want to vote there is still time to register. So, get on your bike and ensure that you can vote in the local elections in the spring.