I have to agree with Stuart's comments in Friday 4th February column. Older people would be a good target for Majorca. For years pensioners have visited Benidorm for extended holidays, months not just weeks.

A Majorcan Winter is preferable to a British one hands down. Majorca is so much nicer off season as well without the crowds.
Come on Hoteliers and bar owners, get your thinking caps on!!! Regards
Lynn Bate

THE causes of the unrest that started in Tunisia and now Egypt fester along the whole of Arab North Africa. Morocco, Algeria and Libya are just as likely to explode although the last two have some oil income to placate the masses to a degree. Burgeoning population, mass youth unemployment and rising prices all play their part.

They also have in common long established Military Dictatorships and a lack of democracy but I don't think replacing this with a civilian government either secular or religious will solve their woes.

Things may cool down for a while but as the euphoria of street demonstrations recedes the same problems will resurface and anger will turn against whoever is in power politician or Imam.

Another problem often overlooked in the West is what to do with the heads of state?
Tunis is not London and Cairo is not Washington. Corruption, mismanagement, murders, torture, etc. are the norm in Africa but leave ex-rulers liable to retribution.

The ex there doesn't open his own foundation (Bill Clinton), travel the world as a revered ambassador (Tony Blair) or wait 20 or so years for the pomp of a full state funeral (Margaret Thatcher).

He can expect to be killed together with many of his family.
The last example of this reluctance to “go quietly” was Sadam Hussein and look what happened to him, his sons and his tribe. His henchmen are still facing & suffering death by hanging seven years later.

Obama and Cameron are pushing the democratic route but if the population “votes” for a fundamentalist regime, Afghanistan will seem like child's play. Better the devil you know?

Perhaps we should take a leaf out of French Foreign Policy – cynical self interest?
Mike Lillico

Playa de Palma