By Jason Moore ANOTHER BBC programme tonight on Magalluf! What should we expect? Yet another look at Calle Punta Ballena and all its ills? When is the BBC going to wake up and realise that there is more to Majorca than just Magalluf. Also, not all British tourists go to Magalluf; thousands go to Palmanova, Alcudia and Pollensa every year but so far these three lovely resorts have been overlooked. Now, obviously Magalluf makes more interesting viewing than Puerto Pollensa which is exceptionally popular because it is tranquil and simply lovely. I am starting to get rather bored of Magalluf. It is a fun resort popular with young people. I do agree that it should be cleaned-up but I have see enough of it on British television. I would like to see the other side of Majorca. The side of Majorca which shows British tourists returning every year, on first name basis with the hotel staff and business owners in the area and having a fantastic time without feeling the need to get completely blind drunk. Magalluf is a very small part of Majorca and I think that British television should start remembering this state of affairs. So I would urge British television companies to plan a new programme about Majorca which doesn´t mention Magalluf. Surely it is not alot to ask. Magalluf has had more publicity on British television than David Beckham joining PSG. So in the interest of balance could we mention other parts of Majorca, please.