By Jason Moore FOR many years I have heard the complaint that the Balearics needs to attract big-spending tourists because your average holidaymaker doesn't spend enough. Is 8'520 million not enough then? The fact that according to official figures your average tourist spends about 90 euros a day would appear to me that perhaps some members of the local business community are getting rather greedy. Stop complaining. Of course, it would be fantastic for the local economy if they spent 900 euros a day but this is never going to be the case. Which leads me to another question. The revenue from tourism is obviously enormous. If this money was spent on every Balearic resident, then we would be living in an island of millionaires. Is all the money which is left here being properly spent on improving resorts and making sure that tourists are happy? I don't think so. With this amount of revenue flooding into the Balearics every year the islands should be real paradises and should not have to go begging to Madrid for extra cash. Finally. Let's remember that thanks to the millions of package holidaymakers who come here every year the islands can have this enormous sum of money. To those few who are opposed to tourism, then they should just check their figures and realize that without tourism the islands would be facing an enormous financial black hole.