Dear Sir,

Do you ever wonder what Majorca will be like in fifty years time? Every year the seasons get quieter & shorter. The unemployed status rises, less money comes to Majorca & more is paid out.

Twenty-eight bars are up for rent in Cala Millor, do you not think that it would be a good idea to try and boost tourism in Majorca, before its too late, how much longer do you wish to wait? Everyday we see big promotions on television around the world for holiday destinations, isn`t it time you put some of that cash injected into Majorca from Madrid into advertising and help to make Majorca have a better future.

More roads are being built to cater for more people, if the island´s tourism falls much more, you will soon be able to start closing these roads down.
And on another subject, the Mayor of Palma you are to stop the Centro Canino in Palma, you should be ashamed of yourself. We are trying to promote Majorca as a better place to live, we expect people to come here on holiday to relax, now where are we going to take all the unwanted animals left on the street every year by local residents. You need to do something, positive, because I am beginning to think the Mayor of Palma is not an animal lover and the world loves animals. I think it will be a big mistake for you and your political future.

Yours Sincerly, Neil Smith, Cala Millor

Dear Sir,

In reference to your comments about some of the publics treatment towards Lewis Hamilton at the Barcelona F1 track, anybody reading today´s Spanish press would assume, from the general comments in same, that this was part of the game, and that the British press ( and Government ) were making a big fuss over nothing.

Anybody who watched a F1 race last year in a Spanish environment would have heard comments about Hamilton that make the ones he was apparently subjected to in Barcelona pretty inocuous. Anybody who understands Spanish should type in Riddick 111 in YouTube and see what comments the person speaking as if he were Alonso has to say about Lewis Hamilton and familiy.

Yours sincerely, Simon Tow