By Jason Moore

THE Mayor of Palma, Aina Calvo, has been told not to use public events, such as the opening of new facilities, as an excuse for a political campaign ahead of the local elections in the Spring.

The opposition Partido Popular and the Majorcan Unionists have given the Mayor clear instructions, no official photos infront of new buildings! It comes at a time when Mayor Aina Calvo, governs in minority after she ejected the Majorcan Unionists from her coalition council. In some ways Calvo will be pleased when campaigning actually gets underway because the last year has been a nightmare period for the city council. There has been infighting and Calvo has just managed to cling on to power despite not having an overall majority. The opposition parties are turning up the heat on the Mayor and the next couple of months should be an interesting time on the council.

The Partido Popular is widely tipped to retake Palma from Calvo, however, the Mayor does have her supporters. Her own socialist party believe that she has done a good job in Palma. Residents of the city are not that impressed with just over 50 percent giving the Mayor top marks. Calvo has proved that she is a political survivor and her no-nonsense approach has won praise.