On Your Bike
REGARDING Jason Moore's ‘On Your Bike' article on February 1, I am in complete agreement with most of his point of view that cycle tracks are very under used.

However, instead of spending money by removing them, why not change the sign from ‘bicycle' to ‘pedestrian' and voila, one smooth, flat pavement for everyone's safe use.

I discovered the joy of this on visits to Clinica Juaneda when the car park was closed. We left the car at Eroski and walked back.
Being partially sighted, the cycle lane was ideal and I experienced no trips or tumbles, which is the norm with the uneven paving stones in Palma.
My wife was on look out for any bike riders wanting to use the lane but in three visits to the clinic, we didn't meet one. Keep the paths, just change the usage!

Yours faithfully, Renato Bertorelli
(El Toro)