By Jason Moore

BETTER late than never? The Palma city council are now going to encourage shopkeepers, big stores, restaurants and even tourist attractions such as Palma Cathedral to open on SUNDAYS! Perhaps the Mayor of Palma has been reading my thoughts on this subject in this space! It is obviously a good move for Palma. The new extended opening hours could start in this Spring. During the summer at least four giant cruise ships visit Palma on Sunday (almost on a weekly basis) and thousands of euros are being lost because of outdated opening hours. But it could be a question of too little too late because I suspect that the cruise line industry will be hit by the grounding of the Costa Concordia last month. The industry is still struggling as a result of the incident and there are some who believe that in the short term it will have a negative affect. But let us be positive and focus on the ground breaking move by the city council. I would urge them to be more ambitious and allow shops to open when they like during the long summer season. I was in Valldemossa on Sunday and I was amazed to see that most shops were open. Why can´t Palma do the same? Palma has a golden opportunity to be a major player in the cruise industry, all it needs is a bit of imagination and forward thinking. Perhaps it has finally arrived. I would like to congratulate the council on the announcement, at least they appear to have finally got the message.