By Jason Moore I am rather disappointed with the coalition government in Britain. Britain seems to have gone back rather than forward. Issues which I thought had been well resolved such as same-sex marriage and Europe are back on the political agenda. All this at a time when Britain is still facing a triple dip recession. Prime Minister David Cameron won the last election on the economy. He promised to cure Britain´s economic ills. That should be his top priority and he shouldn´t allow his government to be sidetracked with other issues. There is now yet another split within the Conservative Party over same sex marriage. This is the same party which is already split over Europe. Cameron should not allow rebel backbenchers to dictate government policy. Bring your party to order, Mr. Cameron otherwise you will be ejected from Number 10 at the next general election. For as long as I can remember the Conservative Party has been split over Europe. It led to the downfall of Margaret Thatcher and John Major and now it looks as if it could lead to the downfall of David Cameron. Tackle the rebels at once. I thought that the Conservative Party was a modern forward thinking party with a good track record on the economy. At the moment it seems to lurch from one crisis to the next involving issues which the majority of people thought had been resolved. People want jobs and job security this should be Cameron´s number 1 priority.