STRIKE OUT AGAINST THE NANNY STATE DEAR SIR, Whatever one´s attitude is towards government´s interest in public safety, there is an event this weekend that may be of interest, if only as a spectacle. There are many stories about how the Americans and the British overprotect their populations from themselves. This trend seems to be catching on in the European Union, specifically in the directive 2007/23/CE which would interfere with one of Majorca´s cherished traditions, the “correfoc” - [an event where local people disguised as mythological beasts or demons run through streets lined with spectators carrying flaming torches and giant sparklers]. This Saturday, there is a demonstration against this trend scheduled to start at 11:30am in the Plaça d´Espanya and moving through Sant Miquel, Plaça Major, to Plaça Cort. It is sponsored by the “Federació de Dimonis, Diables i Bésties de Foc de les Illes Baleares, and is entitled “La nostra festa, la nostra cultura, dimonis al carrer” [Our fiesta, our culture, demons in the street].

Richard Goss, Porreres