By Jason Moore

I am alone in thinking that our Balearic coalition government is doing absolutely nothing apart from fighting amongst itself?

Little legislation has come to light in the last two years but at the same time we have gone from one government crisis to the next. In the space of two years there have been three ministers of tourism. While Balearic leader Francesc Antich has said that tourism must be made a key priority this year there is nothing in the pipeline.

Almost 10 percent of the Balearic population is now without a job (the population, not the working population) and perhaps it might be a good idea if the Balearic government started spending some of the money earmarked for public infrastructure projects. The industry which has shed the most jobs is contruction but still important projects remain on hold. The present scenario in Majorca is not good at the moment. This year is going to be another hard year and I can´t see a substantial revival in the tourist industry. What we need is a Balearic government which has clear ideas on how to lift the local economy out of the gloom. Judging by their last two years in office I sincerely doubt that they have the ideas and vision to boost the local economy and return these islands to the days of economic boom.