Re: Supermarket Prices

FOR over 5 years I have been monitoring the prices in the 2 largest supermarkets in Majorca and have discovered that there is no consumer protection with regard to pricing policies.

For example one of the very large supermarket chains offered a free telephone number to report price differences in other outlets and indeed reduced some prices when a difference was reported.

However, this reduction invariably only lasted about 3 to 4 weeks when the price reverted. This supermarket has now withdrawn this facility.
An example of the price variation is:

Tin of Heinz Baked Beans 410 grams priced in one supermarket at 95 cents and the other at 54 cents.

A 1.5 Litre bottle of Fontera Water with Gas, 65 cents in one supermarket and 48 cents in another.

The list goes on and when I consulted the consumer organisation in Palma, they merely said that they had no jurisdiction in regard to pricing and the supermarkets were SELF REGULATING! You have been running stories of a steady rise in the tourist market prices, which is impacting adversely in this area.
However, a lack of competition and an apparent inability of the government consumer agency to regulate prices in the supermarkets is permitting these service agencies to raise prices unchecked.

At a time of “Financial Crisis” no regulation in this area can only lead to a higher cost of living and thus, a much slower recovery.
I do have figures, receipts etc to substantiate my claims.

Regards, Gerry Mulligan