I read with interest the recent article on unemployment. I think only when the island can move on and try to see that there are possibilities to increase tourism during the winter that this problem could be tackled. There seems to be a view that “we don't open for business in the winter”. That's how it is, that's how it has always been. Well, the Majorca holiday season seem to be getting shorter not longer.

A couple of years ago in October we took a great holiday at Cala Galdana on Minorca. It was packed with tourists.

At the time we were aware that families in the bars and cafes were looking pretty glum. Not surprising when you looked at the prices. Actually people were being truly “ripped off”.

This year I see on Facebook that the resort shut up shop mid October and comments were that it was dead. People remember!!!! Last October we took a great holiday in Santa Ponsa. The majority of people staying at the hotel were I have to say elderly.
Nothing wrong in that and the hotel was full and everyone seemed to be having a good time. It struck me that this whole new group of people now have time and money to spend.

Something that would not have happened 20 years ago. They all go on regular holidays in the UK regardless of the weather.
Why is Majorca so backward? An advertising budget should have been allocated and been spent by now. Advertisements are now featuring on UK TV for holidays on a regular basis.

Come on. Get off your backsides get your act together and be positive and stop living in the past.
The 80's and 90's are not coming back.

Stuart Allsop